Bold colours and rich patterns for an apartment in central London.


Anca Rotaru was commissioned to imbue a central London townhouse with a fashionable flair. The homeowners, a childless family, sought an up-to-date interior to juxtapose the building's classical architecture while ensuring its practicality and comfort as a cherished residence. Our vision drew on the client's affinity for opulent dark tones and lavish golden accents.


Images by Anca Rotaru Design Studio

As you navigate the home, the ambiance gracefully evolves, revealing distinct nuances throughout.


Anca Rotaru's design mastery is evident from the moment you step into the entrance, where a refined composition of marble and velvety textures beckons you to linger. Moving further in, an expansive living area unfolds, featuring dark wooden joinery on the opposing wall. Continuing into the bedroom and bathrooms, a serene green colour palette evokes a seamless transition from the outside terrace. Every element, from the bed to the table lamps and bespoke bathroom furnishings, bears the unique stamp of our studio's original design.

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